Third Internship Journal Entry

Hello professor and classmates,

I very much like the culture of my workplace. Overall it is very informal which is always a good thing because it allows me to get into a nice comfort zone. Everybody generally wears a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and whatever else.

Generally I come dressed in a polo, jeans, and sneakers but this is mainly due to the fact that I have to go to a second job after my internship and they have a very strict dress code so I also wear all black most of the time. If I don’t have to go to my second job that day then I’ll wear a casual button up shirt if I know that I’ll be in the office, or if I know that I have to go to a photo shoot that day most likely I’ll have a T-Shirt.

The office has an open work area. This area is also divided in its own way. For example to the right of the office is where people mostly do graphic design and obtain clients, and to the left of the office is where the social media/photography people (and me) sit. It is also diverse in terms of computers. By this I mean that the office uses both windows and macs depending on who is doing what.

My typical workday is 10:30 to 5. This changes from time to time as well since if we have to do a photoshoot at a bar for example, the bar might not open until 4pm and that means my day is going to start at 4pm. When it comes to lunchtime, they allow me to go on break sometime in the middle of the workday and never really set a specific amount for lunch. Everyone comes back to the office and eats in front of their computer and just get back to work as soon as they finish eating.