Second Internship Journal Entry

Hello professor and classmates,

My role within the company is primarily a photographer, but as I discussed in my previous post, the position varies from time to time. As of right now though, I have only edited photos and been on site a one photoshoot. My supervisors name is Jonathan Burch who is head of the social media at Clickdaily.

Getting the internship itself was a long and tedious process. After applying to tons of internships through everything from Indeed to Linked In to any that were recommended from class, it was disappointing to see how many actually replied. Initially I had good feelings about Captiv8 Promos but unfortunately they decided against taking me on. There were also many internships with whom I followed up on, including the Columbia university internship, that had said we have received your application and will get back to you or something of the sort and then I never heard from them again. This was all obviously very discouraging but I knew that basically everyone has to go through this.

Eventually though, I had decided to follow up on another company called Clickdaily. It was a photography internship primarily dealing with food photography. They replied saying that while it seems I have no experience photographing food (from my Flickr,) if I wanted to I could come in for an interview. And so I ended up doing just that and a few days later I came in. They primarily asked me questions about software knowledge and what I would feel comfortable doing. They also wanted to know If i had my own camera body and lenses as that was one of the requirements. It also helped that I had my own computer so that I could work from my own computer if everyone computer there was taken up. While the internship is in fact unpaid, I am glad that at least I’m going to get experience from it.