Group #4 Assessment

Group #4 Assessment

Identify responsibilities within the group: Presentation- Li & Zonia, Poster-Alejandra & Mathew, powerpoint- Cristina, Essay-Rehab & Jennifer

2. Did you complete all of the tasks assigned to you? _X__ yes ____ no ____ most of

3. If either the above answer is “no” or “most of them,” explain why you could not
complete all of the assigned tasks.

4. Identify another group member:_REHAB_ MORARAM__

5. How would you rate this person’s participation in the group?

6. ________X____________This person was incredibly involved in each phase of this

7. ____ _______________This person completed all work assigned to him/her, but was
not otherwise involved.

8. ____________________This person completed most of the work assigned to him/
her, but other group members contributed more than he/she did.

9. ____ ________________This person did not contribute to the group project.

10. If you feel the need to defend your answer to #5, do so here.


Since the formation of group #4 I have observed a steadily increasing cohesiveness amongst our members. Our topic, Osteomyelitis, has proved to be a challenging one as finding an suitable case study has been somewhat elusive. Never the less, Rehab has in fact located two possible candidates to bring before the group at our next meeting. Alejandra and myself, Matthew, have engaged in discussions on how best to represent the group and our topic visually. Cristina, Jennifer, Li & Zonia are collaborating and compiling data for the powerpoint, essay and, presentation. As this is a work in progress we are all eager to meet each week to discuss new goals and approve, as a group, on previous assignment. So far so good!

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