Hello, my name is Veronica Henny and I major in Communications Design, specifically for photography since that’s the career choice I chose. I don’t know what field yet, but people have suggested portraits or fashion in which I do like both. My love for photography started when I was in middle school. I have always seen the world in a different point of view like a photographer and always took pictures when I got my first phone. Years went by and i had to start choosing my high school which ended up being High School of Fashion Industry located in Manhattan. Around this time I have lost my passion for photography and focus on fashion designing since I thought i want to be one. I learned fashion wasn’t meant for me around my sophomore year in high school and knew what i wanted to major in. when it was time to chose colleges and majors.
I chose this college because i believe it can offer me opportunities, help me find internships, and mostly the travel distance wasn’t bad and short so getting here wouldn’t be much of a problem unless the trains stop working completely. With my free time, i like to create art work like paintings or sketches. Sometime i will do craft work if i got extra time to do so. Lastly, i do love pandas so that’s like a plus. I do have a backup plan in case being a photographer doesn’t work out for me so always safe than sorry.