Current Skills

  • ┬áPlacement and evaluation of Arestin
  • Monitoring Blood pressure on patients when seated
  • ┬áUse of Diagodent Caries detection device on individuals
  • Dental charting/ using ┬ádentimax
  • Proficiency using ┬ádentimax
  • ┬áSealant placement / Rubber dam and cotton rolls
  • Alliginate impressions/ Cast models
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Fluoride treatment / trays and varnish
  • Administration of local anaesthesia
  • Periodontal charting using ┬ádentimax
  • Proficient in taking ┬ápanaromic/ intraoral films
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Reviewing Medical history forms
  • Extraoral head and neck examinations
  • Rubber cup polishing/ Prophyjet air polishing
  • Midwest caries detection device
  • Familiar and trained in ÔÇťD-TerminedÔÇŁ methods for special needs patients
  • Perio dressing placement
  • Oral prophylaxis , scaling, root planning
  • Oral hygiene instructions to children adults

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