Place-based Learning Reflections

When we left school for our field trip on June 12, I was really excited about the experience and to see in person what we discussed on class and read on articles. When we started walking down to Dumbo towards the ferry,  where we were able to see some historical buildings that remain there such as the The Eagle Warehouse which was part of the industrial area. As I read on the sign outside the building, it states that Frank Freeman was the commissioned to design this warehouse and the editor on this newspaper was Walt Whitman in the forties.

Outside The Eagle Warehouse in Brooklyn

We also observed how the Dumbo area was transformed from an industrial area and how manufacture buildings are now use for commercial and residential area. Once we got in the ferry station and took the boat to go to south Williamsburg, The view from the ferry was stunning and were were able to see the new Domino park from the boat.  Then, when we arrived in Williamsburg we saw how this waterfront area also changed with new residential buildings replaced industrial buildings. For instance, we observed the 184 Kent Avenue building that was also a warehouse build in 1914 and 1915 as stated on a signage they had outside the building. Now, this is a residential building, giving us again an example of the reuse they gave it to this building which is a similar concept of what they are doing with the refinery sugar.

184 Kent Avenue building

Another good example of the change in this waterfront area it is the new Domino Park build and their new plan for residential space. Once we arrive in the park, I was happy to see how they reuse the materials from the refinery sugar for the park which reminds me of the highline. However, when walking further in the new Domino park, we notice there were no signs providing further information of the importance of the material reused from the sugar refinery. For example, we knew the syrup tanks were salvaged from the sugar refinery only because we read it on the article from Susan Xu. Otherwise, there was no information on site that would tell us the history of it.

Moreover, as it was time for lunch, we had a chance to try some tacos from the new place open in the Domino park called “Taco Cina” which I like it. Of course, the line was quite big, but the overall experience was satisfying. I found out this place was very convenient for people who happened to be in the area and want something to eat like we did.

Taco Cino inside the park

Domino Park in Williamsburg








Furthermore, I have to say the park have a lot of seating area as well. Not only in the Taco Cino place, but also through out the parl. For instance, they have a Four-tiered steps that act as a seating option that reminds me of times square where people also use the steps as a seating option. Overall, I can definitely see the contrast in today’s waterfront areas and how the industrial and manufacture buildings were replace with new offices and residential buildings which is positive because we are reusing it the area and materials. However, I can see the downside of it on the increase of real estate in the area.

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