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3D Printing Now Offered

To: Designers

From: Uni-Arch

Date; December 17, 2013

Subject: Now offering 3D Printing

We are currently providing 3D printing for of the digital modelers who require physical models. Students are encouraged to use this service for class projects. We are able to produce 3D prints as quickly as 4 hours depending on the complexity of the digital model.

The following 3D modeling programs are encouraged:(if not listed, that does not mean we are unable to work with your project)

  1. Rhino 3D
  2. AutoDesk Maya
  3. AuttoDesk 3D Max
  4. Solid Works
  5. Anim8ator
  6. Auto QD3

For those whom do not know about 3D printing, it is the process of molding a 3D digital model with a high dense powder. The powder comes in array of colors which can better case your work. We charge a small fee which is much lower than which institutes are currently charging. More information can be found on our website about the event. Prices range from the complexity of the model and depending on the time frame provided.

The launch of our 3D printing service will start February 16th at our headquarters located at 608 Madison Ave.

We hope you see you then

Thank You,

Zachary McSween

Lead Designer Uni_Arch


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