Viviana Acquaviva Analysis of the properties of distant galaxies; big data, machine learning and data mining for astronomical data sets. N-828
Oleg Berman Superconductivity, super-fluidity, spontaneous coherence. N-810
Reginald Blake Satellite Remote Sensing of the Environment, Hydro-climatology, and Tropical Meteorology: Hurricanes N-801
Andrea Ferroglia Theoretical particles physics, LHC phenomenology, calculation of Feynman diagrams, resummation techniques N-801
Boris Gelman Nuclear and particle physics; physics of ultracold atomic clouds. N-810
German Kolmakov Condensed matter physics; computational physics, graphics processing units computations. N 801
Lufeng Leng fiber optics, optical system and network, fiber-based nonlinear devices N800
Ariyeh Maller Understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies.  Both from a theoretical perspective using computer simulations and by applying novel methods to analyze observational data. N 801
Giovanni Ossola Theoretical Particle Physics N-810

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