Mariya Bessonov Probability and applications to population dynamics, applications to cryptography N-724
Urmi Ghosh-Dastidar Infectious Disease Modeling, Biodiversity, Mathematical Biology, Nonlinear Optimization for parameter estimation N-725
Ezra Halleck Discrete mathematics (including algebraic combinatorics), probability and statistics, simulation and applications in biology and social sciences N-726
Nadia S. Kennedy Mathematics education and Teacher Education N-602B
Gjerjg Klimi Applied Math and Physics in the Military Sciences N-825
Boyan Kostadinov Applied Fourier calculus with applications to Medical Imaging, Signal and Image Processing, and Monte Carlo simulations with applications to finance, biology and physics. N-602B
Nan Li Projects in Data Mining and Numerical Analysis. The main goal of data mining is to extract unknown properties from collections of large amount of data. Some of the methods are closely related to Machine Learning. N-724
Janet Liou-Mark Factors influencing and affecting student learning of mathematics N-725
Ariane Masuda Number theory and discrete mathematics N-602B
Hans Schoutens Algebra – geometry. N-826
Satyanand Singh Statistical Analysis and simulations. Explorations in additive Number Theory, Quantum Integers and such. Linear and Abstract Algebra and their applications. N-724
Jonas Reitz Mathematical logic. Logical puzzles and games.  Set theory and foundations of mathematics.  Computation and complexity. Calculus projects: patterns in integration and differentiation. N-707
Huseyin Yuce Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (applications involving structural mechanics, vibration and control theory), Mathematical Physics, and Perturbation Theory. N-826
Lin Zhou Non-Newtonian Fluids, asymptotic method N-602B


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