Computer Engineering Technology

Aparicio Carranza Software Defined … (Networking, Storage, Computing), cloud computing and networking, cybersecurity, Big Data


Ohbong Kwon Spectrum analysis, Digital filter design, DSP (Digital signal processing) algorithm implementation, Digital Design using FPGA, Control systems V-619
Xiaohai Li Robotics and control systems, embedded systems, wearable computing, wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive radio mesh networks, and computer vision. V-642
Benito Mendoza Multi-Agent and Bio-inspired Systems, Mobile Computing, Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems, Technology and Artificial Intelligence for Education. V-620
Jose M. Reyes Alamo Smart homes, Software Engineering, Mobile Computing, Service-Oriented Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Information Retrieval V-621
Yu Wang Wireless sensor network with prosthetic limbs for amputee and algorithms to filter noise and amplify biosensor signals as well as create interfaces to visualize the data. V-629
Chen Xu Biomedical sensors and instrumentation, Non-invasive medical test, Image processing and signal processing V-643
Farrukh Zia Social and Interactive Robots, Mobile Robots, Wearable and Fashion Technology, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic applications, Computer Controlled Systems, Wireless Communication, Mechatronics. V-624

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