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Interested in participating in research (described below) conducted at the CUNY Graduate Center? Anyone interested may contact:


Our study aims to offer new evidence into the nature of language change in the Spanish speaking community of New York City. In the first session, participants will listen to Spanish sentences while we measure the brain’s reactions using ERPs (Event Related Potentials). In the second session, participants will provide acceptability judgments about Spanish sentences. The ERP procedure involves wearing a sensor cap during the experiment and is completely non-invasive.

**Participants must meet the following selection criteria:**

First Generation Spanish Speakers


Second Generation Spanish Speakers

• 18 – 50 years old

• 18 – 50 years old

• Came to the US after age 18

• Born in the US or arrived before age 8

• Born and raised in Spanish-speaking Latin American country

• Parents born and raised in Cuba, Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico

Participants who meet the selection criteria after screening will be paid $80 for completion of the study.

Total expected time commitment: 4 hours (over 2 sessions)

Testing will take place at:

The Graduate Center
City University of New York
365 Fifth Ave. (between 34th & 35th)

New York, New York 10016

For further information, please contact:

Gita Martohardjono (Principal Investigator) Second Language Acquisition Laboratory The Graduate Center, CUNY or (212) 817-8525

This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of CUNY Graduate Center.

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