Microsoft Career/Recruiting/Products & Devices

Microsoft Career/Recruiting/Products Devices
Showcase Presentation!
Friday, September, 20, 2013
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Lecture Hall (room L.63.00)
(Followed by a networking session with Microsoft staff)
New Building, 524 West 59th Street, New York, NY 10019
John Jay College for Criminal Justice, CUNY

For current Juniors, Seniors, Graduate Students and recent graduates of 2013, all majors welcome!  Microsoft has opportunities available in a wide array of areas beyond Technology including Finance, Accounting, Operations, Sales, Marketing, H/R, Legal and more!

Come, attend, learn about Microsoft products and devices, its culture and opportunities from Vadim Sigalov, Brooklyn College Alumnus and US East Premier Field Engineering, Microsoft | Services along with other Microsoft representatives from a variety of operational areas.  The presentation will also feature a Human Resources representative from Microsoft talking about what the company looks for in new hires and why Microsoft is always listed as a top employer!

Refreshments will be served!

Kick-start your potential at Microsoft, working on everything from industry-leading products to new technologies. This presentation will focus on Premier Field Engineering and Technical Account Manager opportunities as well as the MACH Hire Program.

The Microsoft Academy for College Hires [MACH] Program is designed for University hires like you:  An inspiring and motivating  world class program to help you drive your career and achieve extraordinary things. Professional development, challenging and meaningful work and a global network of over 2,500 MACH employees will enable  you to realize your full potential.

For more information on the MACH program, visit:

Microsoft offers jobs locally, nationally and globally! Register to attend online at:

Space is limited to the first 250 to register! Please note you must be registered to attend!

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