Week 4, Class 1

Hello everyone! I missed you guys!



  • Multi-page documents: please use this template as i found a little mistake in the old one.
  • Page Panel
    • Master pages
    • Pagination
  •  Downloading and installing fonts
  • Well-crafted fonts vs. badly-crafted ones
  • Types of font files

Note: If you do want to grab a new font please download and install fonts from Font Squirrel or Lost Type Co-op. They are well drawn, legal, and usually pretty darn lovely.

Type Book: Assignment 2
Create a 5-page document. Each page should have 1 layout with specific characters of each of five families of type. Each page must display a sample of a font within a specific family, and list characteristics. See the Typebook, Exercise 2 handout for more details.


Finish Classwork

Study for Quiz 1

  • History of Letterforms
  • Typographical Anatomy
  • Drawing a Letterform
  • Kerning, Leading
  •  Five Families of Type

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