Class Two

I am on a mission: last night I looked for resources to talk about other typographical systems: Arabic, Korean, and others. This is not going to be as easy as I hoped. I will be redressing this issue as soon as I can put together a useful lecture and such on the subject.


  • Five Families of Type
  • How we read ŸŸ (on, you will need a subscription to see these at home)
  • Legibility vs. Readability: How they differ
  • Typographical Anatomy (handout to be given in class)
  • Terminology: typeface or font or family?
  • Structure of a letterpress character and how it relates to the bounding box of today
  • Setting up your Open Lab sites for this class: becoming members of the class site, setting up project sites, taking charge of what your digital presence.


Today, we begin to PRINT!!! Hoorah!



Letterform Worksheet

Complete the worksheet given to you in class for class next week.


Choose a few of your photos from last night, say 3 or 4 of the best ones. Write 3 paragraphs about what the typography of your neighborhood says about the character and makeup of that community. Send me links to your writings.

Some things you could talk about:

  • Is the typography well-crafted or does it look as if it were done by a non-designer?
  • Is there more hand lettering than printing?
  • What language is most of it in?
  • Is it created by people in the community (businesses, etc.) or is it mostly produced by the government (street signs, etc.)?

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