Class Info

  • Class Date Thursday may 9, 2024

PROJECT 3 DUE: in DROPBOX : 11:30pm

Presentations: Due Tuesday
We will start promptly.
10 pts off for missed presentations (as presenter and as a viewer)


Project 3:

WORK on all Final Edits today

COVER PAGE- these words need to be on the cover page-TYPE and MEDIA,
Project 3, your first and last name, date. 11x 14

  • two – 11x 14 inches posters (as specifics)
  • four – 1080 x 1080 pixels static social media postings (as specifics)
  • One – 1080 x 1080 pixels social media posting with Type in Motion
    This could be exactly like one of your 4 posts or a completely new one.
  • One-Vector your BEST script word (pen tool and width tool), make it a color, place in your indesign file- and place center top, bottom, left and right.
  • Typography in all pieces is the most important component
    In addition to all corrections, it is your responsibility to check:
    • Correct use of the grid (margins, columns, rows, gutters)
    • Use of visual hierarchy, presentation and overall design aesthetics
    • Use of typefaces (limit 2 per poster and social media post).
    • Applying typographical concepts (alignment, leading pt size, tracking, kerning, etc.)
    • Color and legibility
    • Photograph/art must have a credit even if it is yours (add credit to right column of social media post). As mentioned on previous classes, all photo or art must be on the public domain, or must have Creative Commons License
    • Check speed of .MOV file (do not check speed in After Effects) , adjust if necessary. Do not Exceed 10 seconds.


Set-up For Project3: Presentation and Files

5-page InDesign Document :

Page 1- Cover design
Page 2- Poster version 1
Page 3 -Poster Version 2
Page 4: All social media

Page 5: 1 vector color script.

Add a 3rd Page to your POSTER document

This is the InDesign page that will hold your social media part of PROJECT 3

This page will hold your social media. First We need to make some adjustments to the columns and guides of PAGE 3 ONLY.


For this page, we will create columns that are different sizes.
To move the actual guides that are indicating your columns and gutter

  • GO to VIEW
    GRID and GUIDES>
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-12-01-at-12.10.02-PM-1024x426.png

Now you should be able to move these guides

Create a 3.5″ (or 21 pica) square
Place on the top left margin

and move the gutter guide to align with the end of this square

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-12-01-at-12.21.45-PM.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-12-01-at-12.21.55-PM.png

Place another square on the second column
Move the gutter guide to align with the end of this square

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-12-01-at-12.36.11-PM-1024x560.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-12-01-at-12.36.29-PM-1024x563.png

Add 2 more squares below (for a total of 4).
These should be placed .5 inch below the top 2

  • On Page 3/ Third column, include:
    • Social Media
    • Annoying! Art Exhibit
    • By Your Name
    • Photograph or art credit: All sources must be credited and MUST be from CREATIVE COMMONS or free to use media. Add your name if you are the artist/photographer



In Illustrator: FILE>EXPORT> FORMAT as JPGS and USE Artboards ALL

This will generate 4 JPGS

RGB/ Resolution /150 dpi

Back in InDesign Place as SHOWN

Once JPGS are placed, select each box. Go to OBJECT> FITTING> Content- Aware Fit




Create a PACKAGED folder of Project 3 (Will have your Indesign Files, Links: JPEGS from Illustrator, Fonts, PDF file)

  • One InDesign Packaged Folder that will include:
    • One 3-page Indesign Document (2 posters and one social media page
      with 4 posts)
    • PDF file with 3 pages
    • IDML File with 3 pages
    • Links and Fonts
    • Please name folder the following way: Lastname_name_project3
      One COMPRESSED animated .MOV file named (add this to folder):
      Last (Refer to Class 26 how to save)

Refer to See PDF with instructions: How to package an InDesign file and how to merge pages


Presentations next class: ALL students are expected to participate.

As per all assignments and projects there are deductions for not following specs and deadlines (final and all steps)

Graphic Assignments are always due the day before class at 11:30 pm, and must be placed in class drive (COMD1127 DROP BOX link) unless indicated otherwise. Assignments uploaded during class on the day that they are due are marked as late.

Participation Activities (Scavenger Hunts, Type Talks and Type Challenges) are due during class or the day before class at 11:30 pm if indicated by the instructor.

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