My name is Taeyoung Lee!

I moved to United States in 2006 from South Korea with family. I graduatedĀ  middle, and high school in the US, and I am currently in college! I completed my pre-requirement classes in Queensborough Community College andĀ  transferredĀ  to City-tech to get into the Dental Hygiene program in the Fall of 2020.

I am currently in the Army Active-Reserve force as an enlistment. This year will mark my 7th year of serving. I’m considering to be an officer in the future but if I love practicing in private practice, then maybe not!

Out of the many reasons why I wanted to be a hygienist, the biggest reason is for the mission trip. I always wanted to go out on a mission trip as a health provider. Since then, I was looking for a career in the health field which will also fit well with my personality. A friend of mine, who goes to a dental school, inspired and helped me to find a vision in dental field. With lots of prayers and help, I decided to be a dental hygienist, and here I am.

I hope you enjoy my page!