My name is Tashi Wangdu and currently, I’m a Graphic Design student in final year at CityTech College pursuing my bachelor degree. The design is something that I always think about and it makes me creative and excited about every project. I like challenges, being born and raised in a foreign country there is always challenges to face but the good thing is that from every challenge there is always something to learn and opportunities to improve yourself.
Drawing is my first love and also the basic tool for my design process. I have been drawing since my childhood but never attained any art school. Never thought that drawing of cartoons and little things like pencil box back in the days are involved with basic design thinking. The more you draw, the more you think!
I am also a big fan of music, it is always there when I’m doing some project or when I’m alone. I play guitar not as professionally but always learning because I love the tune and sound it creates.
So feel free to comment on my pages and suggestion are most welcome!