My Teaching Experience

Through the SVA program I have taught at the following schools:
  • Transit Technical High School (2016); Direct Current Electronics 
  • Brooklyn Technical High School (2018); PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing 
  • Queens Technical High School (2019); Direct Current Electronics 
I have gained the following skills from my teaching experience:
  • Writing Lesson Plans
  • Creating Powerpoints
  • Curriculum Development
  • Assessing Students
  • Dealing with Behavior issues
  • Familiarization with classroom applications such as Skedula and Google Classroom
My overall experience:

The SVA program is one of the few teaching programs that provide real classroom experience. Even though I am not a real licensed teacher yet, I have been able to fill in the shoes of the teacher for three six month sessions. In some classrooms, I was actually the main teacher in charge. The students did not even know that I was a student teacher (even though some of them questioned how young I look). My mentor teacher gave me full control of the classroom. In other cases, I co-taught with my mentor teacher which meant that some days I taught and some days he taught. I believe that there’s no better way to do something that just diving into it. By going up there and teaching the classes it was the real experience. There were moments where I didn’t feel as prepared as other times, there were moments where I questioned if the way I went about providing the information was the best way. The main takeaway from all of this is what you do after. Now, I can go back to those lessons and those topics and see what worked, what didn’t work and what I can do as the teacher to make everything better.