Collaborative Projects

The majority of every project I do is a collaborative project. I usually start every project; I lay out the information, design it how I see fit. And once I’m done, Marla takes the file and change anything she thinks needs to be changed. She knows her clients; I don’t, so anything I do she alters it, to where she knows they would like it.

There was one big project that took a while. It was an entire menu board for a restaurant. The menu board consisted of about 8 boards. This project was so big; Marla had an old intern come in to help us out. We shared files through Dropbox. This project took about 2 weeks, mainly because it was so much copy. It had to be proof read a lot, and sometimes pictures had to be changed to the clients liking.


While learning new graphic design techniques, I realized that I’m also learning how to run my own business. When I’m at my internship, Marla has me overlook everything she does. I’m learning the process of getting a design to a customer, then getting it to print, and even billing. The two biggest things I’ve learned so far while being an intern is professionalism and pricing.

In the graphic design business you have to please your clients while producing good work. Sometimes there’s miscommunication and that can be bad, but it’s how you handle it. For example, my supervisor, Marla emailed a customer saying she wasn’t able to print something until there were some things changed. He thought she rejected the entire job and had someone else print it. Marla handled it well, she didn’t get mad, even though she was upset. And the customer apologized and paid her for her time. That’s how you keep relationships in this business.

Culture Of Workplace


My First day starting with “Calling all graphics” I dressed really formal. I Wore a Button up shirt, Slacks, and a long pea coat. But I didn’t have to dress formal. So I started to dress more informal, but still respectful. I usually wear chino pants and a T-shirt. Calling all graphics is a Private owned, home office, so it’s only me and my supervisor in the office. There are 3 Desk. I have my own, and Marlas is directly behind me. In a Typical workday, I work 5 hours. I’m not there for long, so I don’t get a lunch, but I can take a break at any time.

My Role

Before getting an internship at “ Calling all Graphics,” I had an interview with Haute Living Magazine. Marla from calling all graphics called me one day, while I was on my way to class. She was saying everything I wanted to here, and we had an interview over the phone. Questions she asked me were like, “What kind of designer are you?” “Where do you see yourself in a couple years” “When did you realize you wanted to design as your career.” After that, She told me to email samples of my work. Later that same day she called me back and asked when I was available to start. And I started that same week.

My role at “Calling all Graphics” is kind of important. Marla and I are usually the only two people in the office. Being her intern, I took on the role of basically starting all projects. She doesn’t give me anything I can’t handle. On a regular day interning with Marla I work on at least 4 different projects a day, and I’m only for 5 hours max. Sometimes I leave projects unfinished, but I usually have to finish the project that day so she can send it over to clients to proof before printing. With every assignment, I’m usually given full design freedom. She Reviews everything I do, make corrections, and send it over to the client.

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