Self Evaluation

Overall, interning at “Calling all graphics” was a good experience. I grew working with Marla, She taught me a lot, and I taught her a few things as well. My Ability to perform and complete projects was high. If I was giving a deadline, I got it done on time, if not early. The good thing about most of the projects I was given is that they didn’t really have deadlines, but I still used my best judgment.

Marla had such close relationships with her clients that projects weren’t rushed. We were able to take our time. But because we needed to keep the business moving we would finish things in a timely manner. Usually, i hate when my work is judged, but it comes with the job, but I didn’t mind the constructive criticism. I Had great communication skills. And i Always tried to please the client as much as possible.

“The Sound Of Music”

Friday, Marla asked me how are my illustrator skills. Even though my illustrator skills are not very strong, I still sold it to her that I’m an expert in illustrator. I did that because I want to be reliable, someone Marla or anyone can count on, and whatever she needed shouldn’t be hard, right? I pretty much know all adobe creative suite programs, and if I don’t, I’m one video away from knowing.

She asked me to create a “The sound of music” T-shirt for a theater groups cast. In doing research I could find any image that was fun or playful enough for a kids cast. So I found the regular boring “The sound of music” image and changed the colors and put it on a lime green background so that it was appealing to kids. This was one of those projects that took all my time at the internship, because I had to draw the entire image.

Sound of music tshirt


ToGo Brochure 2016 o

Working alongside Marla, I’m gaining a lot of insight on the graphic design business. I overhear many phone conversations she has with clients, and she has a huge client base.

Since the start of my internship, I’ve worked with over 15 different restaurants, that’s a lot, considering I have never done menus or menu boards before this. Each Day I’m given different tasks. So far I created T-shirts, Menus, brochures, and even menu boards. Right now, I’m working on a brochure for a theater company. It’s a theater group for kids. I was given all the information and have design freedom. But it’s still a work in progress… ToGo Brochure 2016 outlines

Organization is KEY

Yesterday, I learned that organization is key. Being in school and working on a bunch of projects at once, I usually save everything to my desktop. Once my desktop gets really crowded I same a folder in documents and put everything in there. Doing that has to be the worst idea ever because when I need to find an old project I can’t. That changed yesterday, when Marla pulled up an old file for a client from 2014. She knew exactly where to find this project and she pulled it up in 2 minutes. Every file I create now is easy to find and the naming conjunctions are consistent.

Calling All Graphics..



          Since the spring semester started, I’ve been interning with a Graphic design company, Calling all Graphics. Calling all Graphics is a Small, Private owned, company located near Bensonhurst Brooklyn. Marla Gotay, President, runs the company, along with 2 other employees. Marla is actually a self-taught graphic designer who started her own company Calling all Graphics in the early 2000’s. The company specializes in print Publications like posters, menus, flyers, menu boards, signs and company uniforms, Just to name a few. Marla has a huge client base. The majority of her clients is Restaurant owners. There are no special departments, my tasks usually starts off with corrections and changes to any previous work, followed by a new project. Every day I work on new projects. I’m excited to see where this experience will take me.