“The Sound Of Music”

Friday, Marla asked me how are my illustrator skills. Even though my illustrator skills are not very strong, I still sold it to her that I’m an expert in illustrator. I did that because I want to be reliable, someone Marla or anyone can count on, and whatever she needed shouldn’t be hard, right? I pretty much know all adobe creative suite programs, and if I don’t, I’m one video away from knowing.

She asked me to create a “The sound of music” T-shirt for a theater groups cast. In doing research I could find any image that was fun or playful enough for a kids cast. So I found the regular boring “The sound of music” image and changed the colors and put it on a lime green background so that it was appealing to kids. This was one of those projects that took all my time at the internship, because I had to draw the entire image.

Sound of music tshirt

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