While learning new graphic design techniques, I realized that I’m also learning how to run my own business. When I’m at my internship, Marla has me overlook everything she does. I’m learning the process of getting a design to a customer, then getting it to print, and even billing. The two biggest things I’ve learned so far while being an intern is professionalism and pricing.

In the graphic design business you have to please your clients while producing good work. Sometimes there’s miscommunication and that can be bad, but it’s how you handle it. For example, my supervisor, Marla emailed a customer saying she wasn’t able to print something until there were some things changed. He thought she rejected the entire job and had someone else print it. Marla handled it well, she didn’t get mad, even though she was upset. And the customer apologized and paid her for her time. That’s how you keep relationships in this business.

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