My Role

Before getting an internship at “ Calling all Graphics,” I had an interview with Haute Living Magazine. Marla from calling all graphics called me one day, while I was on my way to class. She was saying everything I wanted to here, and we had an interview over the phone. Questions she asked me were like, “What kind of designer are you?” “Where do you see yourself in a couple years” “When did you realize you wanted to design as your career.” After that, She told me to email samples of my work. Later that same day she called me back and asked when I was available to start. And I started that same week.

My role at “Calling all Graphics” is kind of important. Marla and I are usually the only two people in the office. Being her intern, I took on the role of basically starting all projects. She doesn’t give me anything I can’t handle. On a regular day interning with Marla I work on at least 4 different projects a day, and I’m only for 5 hours max. Sometimes I leave projects unfinished, but I usually have to finish the project that day so she can send it over to clients to proof before printing. With every assignment, I’m usually given full design freedom. She Reviews everything I do, make corrections, and send it over to the client.

Sophies Outdoor Signs all stores

Outdoor Signs For Sophies, a cuban restaurant, to attract more business. 

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