I chose nursing as a profession because I truly believe in the act of being selfless, nurturing, and providing the up most respect and care for an individual in need. It is an innate need to care for another with love and gentle hands. It’s my mission in nursing is to provide care in a way that is nonjudgmental, respectful, and of exceptional quality with no regards to race, gender, religion, culture, or economic status.

As a nurse my philosophy is to provide care that is exceptional, patient centered, and culturally competent. I strive to maintain a professional but compassionate relationship with my clients. Gaining a client’s trust is the key to providing safe and holistic care. Maintaining client’s privacy and confidentiality is crucial, unless in situations that is beneficial to client’s safety, in which we would be inclined under the law to break said confidentiality. As a nurse  educating clients and their families not only ensures better outcomes but helps clients to be at the center of their care and gives them the knowledge needed to lead healthier lifestyles. As nurses we need to be up to date with current skills, knowledge, and technology. We need to always find ways to continue educating ourselves so we can provide quality care to our clients. Nurses need to be adaptable with the ever changing world around us. As our world is continually technologically advancing, nurses have an obligation to be efficient in technological advances.

My personal core values and beliefs as an individual are patience, commitment, honesty, being trustworthy, and compassionate.  My professional core values and beliefs are interlocked with my personal core values and beliefs. My character doesn’t change when I’m in a different setting, only my responsibilities and I believe that is what makes an exceptional nurse. As for nursing theories, I have yet to choose a specific one yet, but I hope to be able to do so once I finish my bachelor’s degree in nursing.