Self Reflection



Throughout the semester I have found that community health nursing plays a key role in the healthcare system. I also found that not many people have an understanding of community health nursing, in the beginning of the semester I myself did not have a complete understanding of what a community health nurse does. This course has educated me on what it takes to be a community health nurse and how they contribute to healing the population. During the semester I was also able to research and learn about one of the many communities in Brooklyn. Our focus was on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint community which is located in Brooklyn District 1.

Every Wednesday at 8:30 am I arrive at the Williamsburg Community Health Center, in professional dress, from there I attend the weekly staff meeting. The staff meeting is held for one hour in which patient care and other business are discussed. After the meeting I then follow a nurse as she goes about her day. I have not had any patient care experience during my time at the center. Patients tend to come in later in the day and there is not a high census during Wednesday.

I was however able to learn more about community health centers and what they had to offer. I was very pleased to hear that the center I was attending provided care free of charge and also helped patient who didn’t have health insurance the help to get it. No one was turned away because they couldn’t pay. Overall my time at the Williamsburg Community Center has been a positive one and a great learning experience. Now that I have learned what community health nursing is I am interested in pursuing a career in the field.

The service learning project was a challenge because working in a group can be difficult and sometimes people are unclear of their role and this can cause a rift and delays. Getting eight people with eight different personalities to work together as a whole is a difficult task and although there have been some difficult moments, as a team I felt we did an excellent job. We not only got to know the community we surveyed but we also got to know ourselves better and learn to work together.