Marianna Trofimova | OL04 | Fall 2020

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Test: MTrofimova

Nature makes me very happy and inspired. I feel it is the best artist in many ways. The color palette is impeccable. Composition depends on me, as I am the one who composes photos. Also, based on our last class, look at the figure/ground relationship.

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  1. Jaaziah Cureton

    The pictures that I chose are meant to stand out, they are something that can be pointed out in a crowd. This choice of these pictures is to tell the audience how I am as a person. To include my interests, how I view fine arts which is fancy, articulated, and takes time to understand. Graphic design comes and all shapes in sizes, there are multiple layers to it, because of its layers there are multiple meanings to it. These pictures reflect my opinion on them, they are a great example of what the artwork of graphic design and fine arts look like.

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