You can’t go a whole day without seeing someone with headphones plugged in their ears. There are so many things out there to listen to or watch. Fortunately for me, I listen to a ton of music and Soundcloud is my go to app for it. Soundcloud curates playlist on the daily based on your listening history, there is a playlist for studying, chilling, you name it. Not only do the app curates playlist, it also allows you to create your own playlist as well. There are a ton of artists on soundcloud so everyday you are listening to something new (if you choose). The discover tab is another playlist updated everyday to give your ears something fresh. I listen to a lot of music when I design and this app allows for endless inspiration and vibes. With this app you can create a playlist based on the activites you do daily, if you like podcast you can find it on soundcloud as well. A great app for the musician within you, It helps with the creative process and you will find new artist that you like.