I am a huge fan of music. Music plays a 95% role in my life, I have it where ever I go and if I don’t have it you’ll catch me singing or mumbling some lyrics. One of my dreams as a designer is to create cover art for music artist so I knew this would be a great chance to mingle with some. So when the I opportunity came to attend a show of one my favorite artist I could not turn it down. I arrived early to secure my spot in the front row, good thing I did because not long after the place was flooded with fellow supporters. The mood was perfect softly dimmed color changing lights, good temperature and vibes in the air. The show was amazing, it went even better than I had expected it to. Everyone was so excited but the great part comes after the show. I ended up communicating with some folks that was in the crowd and one of them happen to be an upcoming artist. The vibes were mutual and because he was at the show I knew his music was similar to the artist that just performed. I was excited and let him know that if he ever needs any design work to contact me. With my confidence at an all time high he contacted me within a few days to see samples of my work. He notified me that he had an upcoming project that he would like me to design the cover art for! How exciting, dreams coming true one by one! This was a great networking opportunity because not only did I get to accomplish one of my goals, the artist loved the design I did for him so much he said he had more work for me as well as his other music buddies. It was a great choice to go to that show that day.