On November 09, 2017 I got to meet some pros. Now this would not be my first time meeting professionals in my career but at the same time I was very open minded and excited. Coming to the stage was none other than the Ad Avengers from J. Walter Thompson. I’m always interested in learning more about the industry and this was the perfect opportunity. Each member of the avengers went up one by one and explained their story. Two out of those five members stood out to me. The first being Andrew Berardi, who I related to because he had a hard time finding a job in this industry. I’ve heard about personally dropping off your resume and portfolio to design firms but Andrew’s dedication and confidence took it to a next level. He delivered a fake pizza box with his work and resume hidden inside, my initial thoughts? GRADE A GENIUS. It was a great way to get attention on himself to showcase his work. Listening to Andrew talking about his journey gave me hope for my own, sometimes I get impatient and Andrew taught me that things happen when they’re suppose to. Mo Osubor was the other gentleman that stood out to me. Similar to Andrew he taught me about being patient but he took it a step further and taught me to enjoy the journey. What does that mean Mo? You’re not making any sense up there buddy. Enjoy the journey? I want my success right now Mo! These are the thoughts that were going through my head when he said “enjoy the journey” after careful consideration I understood what he meant. The journey builds character and relationships, all the side jobs he had along the way before becoming a senior art director played a role in his career. It taught him different skills that can be used in his career. I didn’t think of it like that, I just felt that the journey was taking too long, I want to design beautiful things and have my work be seen everywhere. Now I take it slow, appreciate the set backs (even thought I don’t like them) and overall because of Mo and Andrew I have a more positive look on my career. Everyone’s story is not the same and right now I’m enjoying my journey.