Being an intern at Brooklyn Bodygear is not as bad as I thought it would be. I’ve heard stories about clients from hell and I’ve feared that one day I would experience these types of clients. Thankfully Brooklyn Bodygear is heaven sent, my supervisor Morris Didia allows me to have creative freedom! Which designer doesn’t like that? He explains the task(s) to me and then leaves me to complete it however I see fit. Of course he gives his input here and there and I also ask for feedback from time to time. According to Morris, he trusts my design eye so that is why he gives me so much creative freedom. In the end it pays off because I work best that way. Now before this amazing opportunity came to me I was searching for a while. I stumbled upon the internship on craigslist luckily┬áI didn’t have to wait long for an email response, we exchanged numbers and decided to meet at a local coffee shop called┬áRockaway Roasters┬áwhich he suggested had some good coffee. Now personally I don’t drink coffee but he offered to pay for anything I wanted, so I got a latte which was actually pretty good. I Met with Morris and there he explained his ideas with so much passion I could not have turned away, he made me want to bring his vision to life. That was the start of my fun-filled internship at Brooklyn Bodygear.