A complete Engineer or Engineering Technician should be aware of the code of Ethics and abide to it. For this purpose I am attaching here a presentation discussing the main concepts in etics, sample problems and examples of engineering failures with ethical issues.


1. Please read this thoroughly and be prepared to answer questions ( in the test ) regarding the code of etics and the given examples.

2. Write a 1-2 page summary about one of the engineering examples of engineering failures with ethical issues and upload it in your ePorfolio-> Homework folder for this class.


To stay updated in your field you need to continuously educate yourself. There are several ways to do this: read journal papers, attend conferences or seminars/workshops offered by societies or clubs in your field, get involved in research etc. As an example I have attached here a journal paper for your reference.

Reading Assignment

Introd to load pull syst and applic

For this assignments please refer to the document below

TCET 2220 Project 2 Assessment2

Performance Appraisals

TCET_AAS_Rubrics_all outcomes_Vivi_


Problems assignment

Project1 TCET 2220_ Transmiss Syst

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