Journal Entry #7

This the drone I went instead of the DJI Phantom.

Parrot Bebop Drone

This drone was pretty easy to control indoors. I was hesitant on trying to do risky moves with it because I had to return it. I already crashed it on top of my roof while practicing with it outside. You can fly it with an app thats available on the App Store and Google Play. Video quality was surprisingly good for the price.

Journal Entry #6

On November 8th, I shot my video with the dancer at my colleague’s dance studio in Jersey City. I couldnt get the drone I wanted to rent due to the renter’s concerns of flying it indoors, plus he has bad communication skills. However, I decided to buy a drone which was cheaper and plan to return it after im done shooting.

Journal Entry #4

As I gather the equipment needed for my project, the funding for my project was cut short. So at the moment, Im looking for another source of funds to get the remaining materials. I found a cheaper drone rental for $100 but without the GoPro, but it has a built in camera. I might consider using that instead if money is tight.

Journal Entry #3

After speaking with my advisor, he suggested for me to look at some books and videos about different multi camera techniques. He also suggested to create a technical problem and try to solve in my project.