Lighting & Posing

Photo with great lighting and posingI am very proud of how this photo came out. The look of it is so amazing to me and the fact that I just did that pose is what makes me even more happy about it. It wasn’t like my supervisor told me to pose like that, I purposely did it on my own and  it came out great. It’s to show that what I have been learning is coming into play. Now in this photo shoot I learned a lot more about lighting and posing and I hope to use this knowledge to good use in the future.

Freedom Of Speech

Freedom Of Speech Photo PieceI modeled for the Freedom Of Speech exhibit and the photo was chosen to be in the exhibit. I was so excited when my supervisor told me that the photo was chosen. I also saw that it was posted on instagram as well which I was very proud of. When I went to the exhibit a friend of mine asked if it will be ok if he got a photo of me with my piece. That is the photo you see above you, it was such a nice feeling to be apart of something like that. I learned about the importance of expressions when modeling for this piece.

Another Photo shoot for the Photo Campaign


I modeled again for the logo campaign my supervisor was putting together. I was learning more about lighting and what effects they have on the shot. It was such a fun experience to learn new techniques while modeling. Doing stuff like that made my internship experience so much more fun and it made me have more of a liking towards taking photos. Well more of a liking towards learning about the camera, where I will be able to take better photos and videos in the future.

Logo Animation Campaign Picture

Picture for Logo Animation CampaignThis is photo of myself for the Logo Campaign. My supervisor wanted the logo animation I created to animate and then for city tech to appear as a hologram. This campaign helped me see how you can combine multiple projects into one. This changed how I think when creating stuff. After this it made me start to wonder if I can combine anything I create with something else. It was a great project, it was fun to work on and it made me learn a lot.

City Tech Logo Animation

Image of City Tech Logo AnimationThis is one of the finished logo animations I did for my internship. With this project I was able to get more experience with After Effects. Creating this to give the City Tech a new feel was a nice experience to have and a great opportunity to embark upon. I was glad to have been assigned this assignment as it has improved my skills as a designer.

Job Search

I entered my internship course (COMD 4900) without having an internship. Meaning that I had to go on a job search to obtain one by the third week of my Internship class. I applied to multiple places hoping to land one and hopefully land one that I will like. In the middle of week two while I was in class I got a phone call from the supervisor of one of the jobs I applied to. He asked me if I will be able to come in for an interview a few hours after class and of course I told him yes. I went in and the interview went great and I started Friday 02/22/19.