App Review #1: Paper 53

App Icon of Paper 53

Paper 53 is an interesting application for drawing. Paper 53 has many different tools to use for drawing and coloring art. Their wet brush tool is really cool by the fact that it has a wet texture for the brush and that it has a blending/mixing color function. If you draw a line of yellow, then draw another line across if of blue, you’ll actually have a green color in the area of intersection. Also you can keep coloring the same area to darken the color.

The pencil tool is another drawing tool of Paper 53. The pencil tool also has a unique texture as well and can get darker lines by drawing on top. Changing the color of the pencil can create a color pencil effect that can also be used for coloring rather than line work or sketches.

The default color swatch has limited colors to pick from but Paper 53 also has a color wheel to choose variety of colors from. Has basic HSL color wheel to pick color.

My favorite drawing tool of the app is the nib tool because it draws clean lines and has different line weights.

Overall, Paper 53 is a decent drawing app but it is more for non-professional use. I feel like it is more geared toward kids to draw stuff on the pad since there isn’t advanced options such as layers; just drawing on one flat layer.

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