Internship Journal #7: Typical Day

Laptop and drawing tablet

I am currently doing an animation in my internship at the moment but after this I requested to Lyle that I want to also do Graphic Design related work like advertisement or informational brochures to improve my skills. For clerical duties, sometimes I answer phones and write down who, what company, time. and reason they called and give it to Lyle if he is available. I also have to type of files for the next project so that it can be shared to other people if they will also be working on it. But mainly my typical day involves me arriving at 10am, then I would show my work progress and write down notes of what I need to fix and do for the day. When it gets to lunch time, I would go on my 30 minute lunch break and come back with coffee to continue on. Around 3pm, Lyle would check up again to see my progress and give me extra fixes to do. When I leave, I would upload all the working files and a video to the Google Drive account so I can continue working on it later on or if I decide to work remote.

For working remote, I just have to text or call Lyle when I start and tell him what I will be working on that day. Periodically, Lyle would text to tell me to upload whatever progress I made to the Drive so he would go over it and text me they changes I need to do. When I am done, I would upload it and text him that I am done for the day and the stuff I have accomplished for the day.

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