Internship Journal #6: What I learn #3 Tone

Speech bubble regarding Tone

Another lesson that I have learned during this job regarding the industry is how I talk, my tone. I was told that I talk really low and it is difficult to hear me when we talk. Also I tend to talk too fast sometimes or use to much filler words like um and uh. Then I was told that I have to practice my speech skills because it is really important to this field. I will have to do presentations and talk to clients and talk people/persuade people to buying my idea and concept. Therefore my communication skills is really important. I was told that first I have to speak loudly and clearly, also to get straight to the point. To be more direct and loud, I am presenting myself as someone who is confident and know what he is trying to accomplish. Then i was told how fast and how I pronounce something can also change your presentation a lot. That I should control the pace and enunciate words that are important. Then I was taught how to deal with issues; that after you tell them what is wrong of what they did, you tell them how to fix it and deal with it. This way you aren’t just complaining, you are helping them and assisting them to fix the issue.

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