Internship Journal #5: What I Learn #2 Research

Type Design of Research


Another important lesson I learned while working is to Research. Lyle constantly tells us to research something if we don’t know or don’t understand. Every week there will be a moment in which another intern or I don’t know how to do something and Lyle would ask us “What do you do when you don’t understand or know something?” and we would all answer “research”. This made me constantly research methods and techniques to do an effect or to fix problems that occur. This lesson is really valuable to me because it taught me that I shouldn’t limit myself and stop myself if I don’t know anything. I have internet on my hand, I can literally find the answer in a matter of minutes. By researching, I can learn new stuff and also good tips that I can use in the future. Through researching, I can gain new skills and learn more about other possible programs to use that can assist me. It makes you seem ignorant when you don’t know something and spend a bit of extra time to learn it. This will make you look bad in the future especially in interviews. It will change a lot if you answer “I don’t know but I can learn it” instead of “I don’t know” because it shows you are willing to learn.

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