Internship Journal #3: Company Culture

Suits and Dress Shirt

The dress attire of my company is Business formal. We are told to dress up professionally in a work environment. The dress attire rules are no hoodies, no sneakers, ties are optional, and to tuck in your shirt. Lyle highly emphasizes on looking neat and dress up nicely to respect the company and others in the environment because first impressions matters. I personally wear a dress shirt or black polo shirt with black dress pants and dress shoes.

Our work environment is open work area. Interns and Ellisen share the big open room with laptops and computer set up. The room is linked to the kitchen, bathroom, storage room, and Lyle’s office room. Lyle has his own room and when we need to speak to him we would knock the door and walk in when answered.

My workday starts at 10am upon arrival and I would show Lyle the work I’ve been doing and then I would tell him what I plan on accomplishing/what I would be doing today in the office. Lyle would agree with me and sometimes give me something extra to do on the side such as looking for images to use for our posters, pamphlets, and/or cards. I get to take a 30 minute lunch break when I want, I just need to tell Lyle before leaving and to make sure I come back on time. After the break, I continue to work on the project and at the end of the day I would show Lyle the progress and upload the files to the shared Drive.

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