Illustration 1 Project 2: Get Out The Vote Poster

This project’s objective is to create a poster to persuade people to go out and vote for Election Day. The concept of my project is a chopped tree with a vote ballot sticking out of it. This concept is to target environmentalists, people who is concerned with or advocates the protection of the environment, to vote during this upcoming election to protect our environment and trees. A challenge that I faced this project was the due date, this project had a tight schedule and I didn’t have that much time to work on it due to work and other class projects.

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Brain Storm




Concept Part 1 Concept Part 2

Final (Inked)

Final Original

Final (Edited)

Final Edited

Value Rough

Value Rough

Final (Colored)

Final Colored

Final Poster

Get Out The Vote Poster

Final Poster (PDF)

Get Out The Vote Poster PDF

Sketchbook Work

Sketchbook Work Part 1 Sketchbook Work Part 2

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