My nursing philosophy involves being your best self to better serve people in restoring their health.  I enjoy the feeling of being a part of someones care and helping them return to their best health. I can help by being empathetic, an active listener, educating, advocating, and respect. It is important to examine my own beliefs ,values, and bias before caring for others. It is a basic human right for all people to be offered quality care. As a nurses we must have core values such as dignity, integrity, autonomy, altruism and social justice. I respect the wishes of my patients and do not harm. I will advocate in the best interest of the patient while upholding the moral, legal and humanistic principles. As a nurse it is important to have excellent therapeutic communication skills to understand and know how to respond in a nonjudgemental manner. Nurse should have self determination. If we can be our best self physically, mentally, and emotionally, we will be in a better position to care for our patients. We are required to plan care and critical think of ways to implement quality cost effective care that is evidence base. We have to stay current with nursing research to offer new safe practices. I always knew I want to become a nurse since middle school because they help people, wore their uniform proudly, and the respect nurses received.Nurses are a vital assest to the healthcare system and play an important role in patient care outcomes. I am glad to be a Registered Nurse doing what I love.