Hi, My Name is Tishauna Footman and i was born and raised in New York City. This summer will be my last semester at NYCCT in the BSN program. I transferred here form Laguardia Community College. I have been practicing nursing for 17 plus years now. I first became a LPN in 2002 straight out of high school. It has been along Journey to become a Registered Nurse , but I made it. I passed the the NCLEX in 2017. I am a single parent of a beautiful teenage daughter who looks up to me as her role. I am glad she was able to she my resilience and that I never gave up. I have overcame many obstacles on my journey and with the grace of God I met my goal.

Through the years of being a nurse have learned many skills to become a great nurse. I have trained on the job with great preceptor and during my clinical rotation. I have learned how important it is to have team work and to ask questions. As a nurse it our duty to provider safe care and to do no harm. Team work helps to keep our patient and staff members. I have learned how to be patient and empathetic. Patient come to the clinic or hospital because they  in pain, scared or concerned about their well being. I have learned to listen first and show empathy toward what they are going through. Most of the time adults just need to talk to someone and I can always lend an ear to listen. I have always been the type of nurse that like to know the job function of my team players so I can fill in if ever needed. I don not like to fill limited. I like to gain as much experience as I can.  I never been a fan of paper work or desk work. I work best with hands-on skills and bedside care. I love to be work on the floor getting task done. I am assertive. I have been told many time that I have great leadership skills by my superiors and supervisors. I always accepted challenges because I feel I have learned more by working through them. I learned to problem solve and offer solutions for patient to make a joined decision about their care. My goal is to continue to grow as an individual, mother and nurse; and continue to provide quality care to my patients.

Durning my journey to become a Professional Registered Nurse learned a great deal of information and skills. My Journey was not easy. I had struggles, failures, victories and short comings. I have learned the power in the use of study groups and having a classmate help you along the way. In the associate program I developed a strong study group in my clinic section and lecture section. This helped me to better understand the content. I never was a student that can read fast, I have to read slowly to understand the content and apply what I learned. Having a study group or partner helped me to exercise what I learned. The BSN program is different from the associate degree program because now we have to think on a higher level and the aim for the best possible outcomes. During the journey I have learned why is it is important to know the needs and resources of the community you serve to provider quality care and educate them on preventative care. I learned that nursing care goes far beyond the hospital rooms, clinics, nursing homes and home care. Nurses have the ability to be apart changing systems, health policies and laws for the benefit of the greater population and underserved population. I have learned how valuable nurses are in the health care system, we are know to be the most trusted profession by the public. That encourages me to be the best nurse I can be and love my job. Too often nurses feel unappreciated by the company, superiors and colleagues they work with. I learned  about the culture in the work place and how important it is to have joy in the workplace. Joy in the work place increases team building and decrease burnout. I learned how to delegate tasks to be available to take care of the tasks that only the nurse can perform with skill at a professional level. Without delegation and team work a nurse experience burnout. I learned about workplace violence, bullying and unconscious bias. I learned what it takes to be a nursing leader and the different types of styles. I hope to follow the path of a transformational leader, mentoring, inspiring action, positivity, and safe practice.

My nursing philosophy involves being your best self to better serve people in restoring their health.  I enjoy the feeling of being a part of someones care and helping them return to their best health. I can help by being empathetic, an active listener, educating, advocating, and respect. It is important to examine my own beliefs ,values, and bias before caring for others. It is a basic human right for all people to be offered quality care. As a nurses we must have core values such as dignity, integrity, autonomy, altruism and social justice. I respect the wishes of my patients and do not harm. I will advocate in the best interest of the patient while upholding the moral, legal and humanistic principles. As a nurse it is important to have excellent therapeutic communication skills to understand and know how to respond in a nonjudgemental manner. Nurse should have self determination. If we can be our best self physically, mentally, and emotionally, we will be in a better position to care for our patients. We are required to plan care and critical think of ways to implement quality cost effective care that is evidence base. We have to stay current with nursing research to offer new safe practices. I always knew I want to become a nurse since middle school because they help people, wore their uniform proudly, and the respect nurses received.Nurses are a vital assest to the healthcare system and play an important role in patient care outcomes. I am glad to be a Registered Nurse doing what I love.


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