App no. 1




App: Available for both Android and iOS


EyeEm is an online platform for photographers to share their works and see what others have done and have to offer. The beauty about this website/app is that anyone can take a picture and share it on EyeEm through their website or apps. They have articles specially about photography. It also has a marketplace where anyone can sell their photos but you have to be an EyeEm member. You will always remain the copyright holder of your photos and EyeEm split the revenue from each photo 50/50.


The unique thing that EyeEm does is they have their photo competition that they call missions where they have a certain theme for the photo and all the EyeEm members can join. The mission has prices related to photography. The mission that is happening right now where if your photo/s gets chosen that photo will be exhibited in be Berlins Pop-up Lab in London after the exhibit is over they will mail a framed print of your photo. The prices differ from very competition/missions.


EyeEm marketplace: Every photo that you have selected to be sold on the marketplace will go through EyeEm and they will check if the photo can be sold in the marketplace. If the photo is selected it will be available in the EyeEm marketplace with a commercial license from EyeEm. If your photo gets selected for EyeEm collection that photo will be  available for sale also on their distribution  partners  such as Getty image and alamy.

EyeEm app and the website is very user-friendly and I like the idea of sharing my photos and looking at the images that other people like me has taken and also the photos taken by the professional in one place. If you are a photographer I would highly recommend this app/website. As for me I only uploaded the images that I have taken while I was taking digital photography 1 class.

App no. 2




App: Available for both Android and iOS


Vivavideo is a video editing app that I use when I am not near my PC or laptop and in need of editing a video to be uploaded on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. There is two version of the app Vivavideo and Vivavideo Pro which removes the apps watermark and ads. When you first open the app you will be welcomed with this simple UI which is very straight forward.


The app is very user-friendly and easy to use and has a lot of features to offer while being free with some ads and watermark. The tools are very easy to use and have a variety of feature to make your video more enjoyable to share.


After the video is done editing you can simply save the video on your phone or upload it to the social media directly.

There is a lot of video editing apps for both iOS and Android but for me ,I choose this app because of how user-friendly and simple it is to use and very fast and responsive.