I got my internship at RPGA Studio through CUNY Service Corps by going through their training and workshops. I had to choose 5 Internship sites that I had to choose and RPGA Studio was my first choice.  I went through the CUNY corps interview sessions with the companies/organizations and had to do 5 interviews on the same day back to back with 10 minutes slot with the interviewers and 5 minutes break in between.  The RPGA Studio interviewer asked me mostly about if I knew any 3d software or if I have taken or taking any classes on it. I had tried and used 3d software to model and make animation at high school so told them about it and also I told them I will be taking few 3d animation and modeling classes (which I am doing right now).

Through the intense interviews and the waiting after it, I got accepted as a intern at Rego Park Green Alliance Studio in the position of graphic designer through CUNY Service Corps. Rego Park Green Alliance Studio is a non-profit organization that solves community problem by using creative approach. Just like any intern at the first day you would be doing small works like sending and replying emails. I would be given the graphic design to work on at the organization but graphic designing is not where my heart is as it was my minor and required subject to get to my major, which is Game design and animation. My supervisor knows what my major is and where my heart is at doing which is to create game and animation. One day my supervisor told be about a project that they will be doing which will involve creating apps for VR (Virtual Reality). She wanted me to learn how to use unity, which is a game developing software which I have heard of but never tried it. This got my attention and I started to research/find tutorial and free lessons that I can find online. And now after making numerous virtual reality apps my title is virtual reality app developer at the studio.