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My E-portfolio contains 4 major categories. The first is my blog post which contains my welcome post, my educational, and this very narrative that you are reading. In the drop down tabs in the top right, you can access the other 3 major categories which include; CTE, pedagogy materials, and student involvement. all which are important knowledge that I want my students to be cognizant of when in my class. Through my past experiences in schools, I have constantly assessed my students and realized the most motivated students are ones that are actively  involved in CTE and in their school’s extra-curricular activities. Feel free to browse the many attachments that I have under each tab. Enjoy the website!

Educational Philosophy

Picking a career path to pursue right after high school can be very stressful and challenging for our adolescent students. Even for the individuals that do have an idea of what career they would like to pursue, they may not have the skills necessary to pursue a successful career in their occupation of choice. Skills such as certifications, work experience, soft skills, and proficiency in certain aspects of the trade area, are all crucial to an employee’s growth in today’s workforce. I believe that every student deserves a strong educational foundation that supplies these skills, and also gives students the opportunity to research and when possible, express their interests in any trade or field area they are interested in. By encouraging the improvement of our student’s soft and interpersonal skills, we are putting them in a position to be better prepared for life after high school. Therefore I believe all the work done in the classroom should be group oriented. Being that the ability to cooperate and communicate efficiently and effectively in teams is a very important aspect of post secondary success, I think group work is imperative. Especially  in classes that simulate the workplace is I also believe students should be exposed to any Work-Based Learning opportunities that can take place outside of the instructional time in the classroom. Engaging students with mock interviews, professional development, and career days, are great ways to introduce students to the many careers that they can pursue after high school. Internships, career fairs, and work site visits are all crucial to making students more aware of the vast amount of post secondary opportunities available to them outside of the classroom. Giving students the chance to learn in a setting other than the lecture hall, presents them with an opportunity to participate in experiences that they may not have been exposed to otherwise. Thus piquing student interest and increasing the likelihood of a student pursuing a career they found interesting in high school. In terms of behavior and punishment, I believe students should be tasked with developing their own rules, and the use of electronics in the classroom will be strictly prohibited except for during work time in the classroom, when listening to music one earbud is allowed since the students will be working exclusively at the computer.

Timothy Hunter Welcome Post

Live footage of me going back to make sure I save my menu before viewing my site.
Live footage of me going back to make sure I save my menu before viewing my site.

“Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

-Malcolm X


I hope that everyone is having a good semester, and I wish  you all the best of luck moving forward!


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