Assignments 1,2,3 Paper and Board

Hollow Geometric and Organic Forms

Divina's Star

Divina’s Star Folded Paper (Spring 2016, photo:Mijori)


Hollow Paper Geometric Form

Kevin’s Tie-Dyed Dodecahedron (Spring 2018)


Vanessa’s Suspended Geometric Form (Fall 2016)

Kimberly's Flower Icosahedron Spring 2018

Kimberly’s “Flower Icosahedron” (Spring 2018)

Irina S “Hexagrammic Pyramid” (Spring 2017)

Nusrat's "Tetrahedrons" (Spring 2016)

Nusrat’s “Tetrahedrons” (Spring 2016)

Amber's "Diamond" (Spring 2016)

Amber’s “Diamond” (Spring 2016)

Calvin's "Geometric Cube" (Spring 2016)

Calvin’s “Geometric Cube” (Spring 2016)

Owusu's "MetroCard" (Spring 2016)

Owusu’s “MetroCard” (Spring 2016)

Rafael's Within the Shape Hollow Geometric Form in Plexiglas (Fall 2015)

Rafael’s Within the Shape Hollow Geometric Form in Plexiglas (Fall 2015)

Siobhan Photo 4 Tetrahedron4Siobhan's Tetrahedron

Siobhan’s Tetrahedron (Spring 2015)


JEDD Paper Geometric _ Nami PlexiglasModular Form post

Jedd’s Hollow Geometric Form and Nami’s Plexi-Form in the Student Show (Spring 2015)

Emmy’s Geometric Rose (Spring 2014)

Christian Perez’ Hexadice (Spring 2014)

Detail of Hollow Form with Voids by Elisabeth (Spring 2009)

Hollow Form with Voids by Shuyi (Fall 2014)

Hollow Form with Voids by Shuyi

Jedd’s Ying-Yang Organic Forms with Voids (Spring 2015)

Jedd's Ying-yang photo by ALiver

Joan’s Geometric Paper Form (Fall 2015)

Joan's Geometric Paper Form

Doreen’s Hollow Paper Form (Fall 2015)

Doreen's Hollow Paper Form




Geneva’s “Curl” (Spring 2017)

Irina M’s “Bird” (Spring 2017)

Fall 2017 Ron Organic Shape

Ron’s Painted Organic Form (Fall 2017)

Irina S Organic Form (Spring 2017)

Mixed Media of Hollow Organic Form Project

Sandra’s “Dinosaur” (Spring 2018) Mixed Media Organic

Ginger Bread Figure Painted Hollow Organic Form

Mercedes “Ginger Bread Figure” (Spring 2018) Painted Organic Hollow Form


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