Assignment 4 Modular Form

Examples of completed Modular Form Projects


Sedra’s Modular Form in Wood (Fall 2016)

Painted Styrofoam, Wood

Joseph’s Mixed Media Modular Form (Fall 2018)

Painted Paper

Megan’s Galactic Star Painted Paper (Fall 2018)

Mark’s Modular Sword of Painted Wood (Fall 2017)

Karina’s Modular Form (Fall 2016)

Rafia’s Lamp (Fall 2016)


Ron's "Color Wheel" (Spring 2016)

Ron’s “Color Wheel” (Spring 2016)

Guang Modular Wood Form Spring 2018

Guang’s Modular Form of Painted Wood (Spring 2018)

Heidi’s “Folding Arches” (Spring 2017)

Jessica’s “Spiral”  (Spring 2018)

Giselle’s Modular Light, Found Objects (Spring 2018)

Garnet Black Sundial Spring 2018

Garnet’s “Black Sundial” (Spring 2018)


Verna's Wedding Cake Spriing 2018

Verna’s “Wedding Cake” Mixed Media ( Spring 2018)

Irina M’s “Apple” (Spring 2017)

Gabrielle’s Modular Form (Fall 2016)

Michael’s “Burst” Water Bottles (Spring 2017)

Beverly's Pineapple

Beverly’s “Pineapple” Modular Form (Spring 2016)

Juan's "Tree" Modular Form (Spring 2016)

Juan’s “Tree” Modular Form (Spring 2016)

Mijori's "Grapes" Mixed Media (Spring 2016)

Mijori’s “Grapes” Mixed Media (Spring 2016)

Sinead's "Suspended Tetrahedrons" (Spring 2016)

Sinead’s “Suspended Tetrahedrons” (Spring 2016)

Amir's "Mask" (Spring 2016)

Amir’s “Mask” (Spring 2016)

Erik's "Porcupine" (Spring 2016)

Erik’s “Porcupine” (Spring 2016)

Janelle's "Floral" in paper (Spring 2016)

Janelle’s “Floral” in paper (Spring 2016)

Greg's "Hourglass" (Spring 2016)

Greg’s “Hourglass” (Spring 2016)

Dominique's Modular Form

Dominique’s Modular Form (Fall 2015)

Arthur's Brooklyn Bridge

Arthur’s Brooklyn Bridge (Fall 2015)

Kou's "Ferris Wheel" Linear, Movable Form 3D Pen Drawing in Space

Kou’s “Ferris Wheel” Linear, Movable Form 3D Pen Drawing in Space (Fall 2015)

Egly's Woven Circles

Egly’s Woven Circles (Fall 2015)

Aleks Modular Form 1

Alek’s Modular Form 1 (Fall 2014)






Modular Form in Painted Styrofoam by Raymond (Spring 2014)

Nami Modular Form

Detail  Nami’s Modular Plexi-Form (Spring 2015)


Danny’s Modular Form (Fall 2014)




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