Simultaneous Contrast, Magazine Collage, Personal Flag


For this project we were supposed to pick a palette of colors in order to show simultaneous contrast. Simultaneous contrast is when you have a singular color and depending on whether it’s against a light background or a dark background the color looks different even though its the same color. The first set of boxes were meant to just experiment and gain an understanding of what simultaneous contrast was. The second set of boxes were meant to be more intricate to show that we completely understand the project.

So the colors I chose to work with was a light blue as the singular color, a dark red for the darker background, and a light green for the lighter background. I like stars so I used stars throughout my project. I wanted the second part of my project to be very detailed so I tried to put in as many shapes as I could. I like doing the first set of boxes first because we were able to just paint right on the bristol. For the second set each shape had to be painted separately and then pasted onto the bristol.


For this project we were meant to try and express a monochromatic color scheme using pages from magazines. After picking a color to work with we had to look through magazines and cut out small pieces in order to create a collage.

I chose to work with orange for this project because during the time we started this project it was almost halloween so I was feeling festive. At first my intention was to have it going in one direction but in the end that’s not what I did. Towards the end of the project I realized I didn’t have enough of light pieces so I changed it from only going in one direction to going in all directions and meeting on the middle. This was one of my favorite projects to work on, I really enjoyed working with colors in this one and I found it really relaxing.


For this project we were tasked to create a flag that represented ourselves.