Cooper Hewitt Museum Report

This museum trip to the Cooper Hewitt Museum was focused on The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920’s exhibition.

Jazz Age Incoming Loan


One of the things that caught my attention in the exhibit was a punch bowl. The punch bowl was designed by Viktor Schreckengost and made by Cowan Pottery Studio. It’s medium is glazed earthenware with engobe, sgraffito and was made in 1931. There are two punch bowls and they each feature different designs. The designs are meant to represent the Jazz Age’s obsession with nightlife. The main reason why these bowls caught my attention was because they were a really nice shade of blue. The designs on the bowls give it a kind of pop art or comic feel. The blue design against the black bowl really makes the bowls stand out.

Another thing that caught my attention during the exhibition was a clock. The clock is referred to as being a Semi-Mystery-Clock. It was manufactured by Maurice Couet and produced by Cartier. Its medium is rock crystal, guilloche and chamleve enamel, rosecut diamonds and platinum. What really caught my attention about the clock was its design overall. The blue inner circle and the diamond stars makes it seem like a kind of astrology clock.

Jazz Age Incoming Loan

The last thing that stood out to me at the exhibit was a screen. The screen is called Muse with Violin Screen. It was designed by Paul Feher and was made in 1930. It was manufactured by Rose Iron Works Collection, LLC. Its medium is wrought iron and brass with silver and gold plating. I found this piece interesting purely because of its design, the golden figure surrounded by the silver design work is very appealing.