The Great Migration Safari in Kenya & Tanzania

If you’re planning yourself a safari tour in East Africa, then why not opt for the best season possible? The sight of the majestic wildebeest as well as the other migrating species is truly one of the most wonderful sights to behold! Even the predators are a sight for sore eyes. It’s a great idea to book yourself and companions a Kenya luxury safari especially if you’re planning to sightsee the Great Migration Safari in Kenya & Tanzania. You’ll be able to watch as the animals exemplify their intelligence by following the rainy, wet paths into a location where their food stock will be all the more plentiful. Tempted to head out and see what Africa has to offer? Before you nab yourself a plane ticket, take note of the certain months in which the safari occurs. You won’t want to spend time and money only to be disappointed, after all!

July – August
During these months, you’ll be able to watch the herds as they begin their long travel. They start from the Masai Mara and then walk to the Northern Serengeti wherein they have to avoid all of the dangerous crocodiles lining the waters in the area. There’ll be wildebeests, zebras, elephants and other animals as far as the eye can see. So if you want to see them in action as they travel across the Masai Mara plains and rivers like the advanced creatures they are, then be sure to plan a visit during July and August.

September – December
Once the end of August has settled in, worry not if you think you’re late, you will still be able to watch the animals’ migration but this time they’ll be heading back to their original home, Tanzania, because the rainy season will begin. This means they will no longer need the lush and fertile food grounds of Kenya any longer, at least for this time period. If you’re looking for months which are a little bit cooler but with around the same experience, they you might want to book a trip somewhere along there dates.

April – June
Around this time, the lands start to dry up meaning the animals’ food supply will start to replenish. Uh oh! Thankfully, Africa’s animals have evolved to this change in agriculture, and will be starting their travel all the way to Kenya in order to find a greater quantity of delicious means to last them the Serengeti’s dry season. This is a wonderful time to visit, but be sure to get the timing right as it can take a little bit of time for the animals to actually get up and going!

Got all of the information you need? Use them to plan your next trip to Africa for the Great Migration and have the best experience possible.