How Does The Greenhouse Effect Global Warming?

The world suffers from global warming due to the greenhouse gases that are created by humans. According to scientific studies, five gases in human origin contributes to global warming. These are summed up in the following.

  • Carbon dioxide

This gas contributes around 53% of the global warming level. It is the cause of processes like deforestation, fuel use, and cement production as well as other materials. It can last about 80 per cent for 200 years, and 20% can last for 30,000 years to eliminate.

  • Halogenated compounds

Halogenated compounds are also big factors to global warming. These compounds include HCFCs, CFCs, PFCs, HFCs, NF3 and SF6. They contribute 11% of global warming. The said compounds are generated from the chemical production in various sectors like air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical and electronic equipment, metallurgy, medicine and more. The duration in the atmosphere will depend on the type of compound. It can last from a few months up to tens of thousands of years.

  • Methane

Methane gas is the second of the greenhouses which have a major effect on global warming. It provides 11% greenhouse gas. This was the result of activities such as agriculture, livestock production, natural gas, sewage treatment, fuel use, coal mining as well as oil distribution. It can survive in the atmosphere for about 12 years.

  • Tropospheric Ozone

This gas has an 11% contribution to global warming. It was the by-product of the reaction between nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) due to fuel burning. However, this gas can’t last long compared to other gas. It is estimated to last for a month.

  • Nitrous oxide

The nitrous oxide also contributes 11% on global warming. It is the result of fuel use, fertilizers, sewage treatment, and chemical production. It can last in the atmosphere for around 114 years.

Now that you have learned the cause of global warming, you must also know how to avoid generating greenhouse effect gases. The best thing to do is to lessen greenhouse gas emissions. One of the best ways is to try renewable energies that produce clean electricity without polluting the air or causing harm to the environment.

These renewables can also preserve the forests and oceans that are natural carbon sinks which absorb carbon dioxide. Another effective way is to buy a Greenhouse. Installing greenhouse in your yard can help to reduce greenhouse gases that can result in global warming. With this method, you can grow fresh foods in your place. You can also help to save the environment. Greenhouse Stores in the UK can offer you with different greenhouses that are environment-friendly. It comes with more customized designs to meet your specific requirements.

To sum it up, greenhouse gases significantly contribute to global warming. With this, you must be responsible enough to reduce the harm that it can bring to the environment. Thus, it can also affect the health of the people. You can make a big change by planting trees, vegetables and fruits in your yard.